trekTrekking in Bhutan is a unique in Asia. The variety of treks range from a simple three-day trek from Thimphu to Paro. The snowman’s Trek is said to be the hardest trek in the World, with 12 passes between 4500 and 5300metres, it takes 24days.

Many of the trails take walkers past remote and ancient monasteries, through deep forest and close to villages. The trails pass Greenland and pastures for livestock, and meadows of the wild flowers, butterflies and grazing animals.

Trekkers often get to spot blue sheep, takin, and variety of birds including the wild pheasants. Bhutan’s treks are famous for the majestic views of the Himalayan peaks.

In Bhutan, tour operators provide qualified trekking guide, a cook, and a number of assistants’ variety of Bhutanese and internal dishes are served on treks. All trekkers’ supplies-camping equipment, kitchen implements, food are carried by pack animals for the walkers.

The most appropriate trekking times are mid-March to mid May and mid September to the beginning of the November. The trekking routes are better suited in summer or winter.

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