Bird watching Tour

Birdwatching-Bhutan’s has highest proportion of land under protected area in the world, and the highest amount of forest cover in Asia. Bhutan’s biodiversity is outstanding with almost 770 bird species .black necked cranes and white bellied heron are found in good numbers in Bhutan.

Avifaunas are yet to be fully discovered and recorded. Birds species found in Bhutan are blood pheasant, blue rock thrush, chestnut-tailed minia,green-backed tit,raven,wood snipe, Tibetan snow cock,snow partridge, himalayan griffon, himalayan monal pheasant, kalij pheasant, yellow billed chough, speckled wood pigon,himalayan swiftlet,ward’s trogon, wreathed hornbill,palla fish eagle,rufous hornbill, great hornbill, mountain hawk eagle, red-vented bulbul, common kingfisher etc.All four different hornbills species in recorded in Bhutan.

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