About Bhutan

National Symbols

FlagBhutanNational flag-The national flag is rectangular and divided diagonally into two parts with the white dragon in the middle. The upper yellow signifies the countrys secular authority of the king in the fruitful action in the affair of religion and state.

The saffron-orange signifies the religion and spiritual power of Buddhism.

The dragon symbolises the name of the country locally known as Druk Yul (land of the thunder dragon). The white colour signifies purity and loyalty of the Bhutanese people.The snarling mouth of the dragon expresses the strength of the male and female deities protecting Bhutan.

The jewels in its claws represent the wealth, prosperity and perfection of the country and the people.


National Emblem

National-EmbelemThe national emblem, contained in a circle, comprises a double diamond thunderbolt placed above a lotus, surmounted by jewel and framed by two dragons.

The diamond thunderbolt represents the harmony secular and religions power.

The lotus is purity, the jewel sovereign.


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